WSJ: Saint Consulting Group CEO At World Bank Sustainability Summit

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Mike Saint

Mike Saint

P. Michael Saint, CEO and chairman of The Saint Consulting Group, told a World Bank conference in Washington, D.C., how his firm’s strategic approach could be used to overcome opposition to land development projects in the developing world, the Wall Street Journal reported on June 28.

Asia, Africa and Latin America are confronting major challenges as countries embrace new opportunities in mining, energy, forestry and agriculture. But as new projects are proposed, new opposition arises from environmentalists, NIMBYs (Not In My Backyard), NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) and other stakeholders — not unlike projects that are opposed in North America or Europe. And like here, the land use political battles are contentious and expensive for industry, local economies and all concerned.

The World Bank and its International Finance Corporation (IFC) that finances investment in the extraction industries — mining, oil and gas drilling — and in forests, agriculture and hydroelectric projects, is trying to use its role as investor to raise people out of poverty by encouraging growth in those developing countries, while at the same time encouraging development that is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and responsive to all stakeholders, including indigenous peoples.

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