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Wind power developments are least likely to be opposed by Canadians — Nuclear power opposed by most

TORONTO, APRIL 2, 2007 – According to the premiere Canadian edition of the Saint Index, wind power is the alternative energy source most likely to gain public support for future development, with only 16% opposed to this type of energy. By contrast, a groundbreaking survey by the Saint Consulting Group found that 3 out of 4 Canadians oppose nuclear power developments.

Regionally, opposition varies by power source. For example in southern Ontario, including the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) where nuclear power plants already exist, opposition to nuclear falls to 74% compared to a high of 85% in Montreal, where there are no nuclear power plants.

“Residents of southern Ontario and the GTA are slightly more favorably disposed to nuclear power likely only because they have been living with nuclear power plants in their back yard for decades,” says Patrick Fox, President of the Saint Consulting Group.

Since 2006, the Saint Consulting Group has commissioned the Saint Index which gauges public attitudes on a wide range of real estate development issues in the United States and United Kingdom. Their inaugural Canadian survey provides reliable insight into a wide-range of real estate development and land use issues such as opposition to alternative energy sources.

This first Canadian Saint Index found that there are varying levels of opposition to alternative energy sources, as follows:

  • Incineration/gasification 53%
  • Biodiesel 51%
  • Ethanol 45%
  • Natural gas 42%
  • Hydroelectric 33%

Background on Saint Consulting and the Saint Index©

The Saint Index© quantifies and tracks the politics of land use, spotlighting who actively opposes and supports real estate-related projects and why. It was first conducted in the US in autumn of 2005 and in the UK in April 2006. The Canadian Saint Index is based on an independent survey of 1223 Canadians and is accurate to within 3.1% points 19 times out of 20.

The Saint Consulting Group began operations in 1983 and today is the global leader in land-use political consultancy. Saint Consulting has 12 offices around the US [including its headquarters near Boston], one in the UK, and a recently opened Toronto office. Among the industries that use its services are aggregates, casinos, grocery and retail, healthcare, landfills, mixed-use developments, housing, and utilities.

The Saint Consulting Group was recently named one of Consulting Magazine’s “Seven Small Jewels for 2007.”

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