Wind power loses some steam in Canada and UK

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wind-powerWind power seems to be losing some momentum in Canada and in the United Kingdom, where delays, costs of transmission and other problems are setting back that targets for alternate energy electricity generation.

The British government insists it is on track to hit ambitious renewable energy targets, but the industry says a swathe of problems in developing wind farms threaten to blow the plans off course. Reuters reported.

In Canada, activists now decry windmills with a fervour once reserved for nuclear plants. To some, it seems strange to waste time railing against a power source that does not generate greenhouse gases, is relatively quick to construct and can serve as a powerful symbol of a community’s environmental convictions. They say critics are only displaying a modern strain of “Not In My Backyard” syndrome.

Opponents, however, say they are driven by concerns about windmills’ effects on everything from bird migration to health to property values to earthworms. The National Post reports.

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