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23% of Americans say that the reason they actively rose up in opposition to a local development project is to preserve the character of their community.  22% say it was to protect the environment and 16% said they were protecting the value of their homes.  The vast majority of active project opponents tend to be direct abutters or neighbors of the proposed project.  They are often acting out of fear of the unknown- How will this project impact me?  What will it mean to my real estate values?  How will it affect my commute?

Sometimes the NIMBY reaction is emotional and not rational.  We have seen projects proposed in blighted areas that would result in desperately needed investment and drastic improvements in a neighborhood that actively and vehemently opposed the project.  Fear of the unknown.

Overcoming this fear of the unknown requires some patience and one-on-one meetings with residents to build trust and relationships.  Good projects die every day because no one paid attention to the local politics.

The Saint Index is the only international survey that quantifies and studies opposition to development.  For more information on the Saint Index go to http://tscg.biz/the-saint-index or contact us directly for a briefing focusing on your industry.

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