What does it take to be a Saint Consulting Project Manager?

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By Anna Dane,
Director of Recruiting and Training, The Saint Consulting Group

DaneLand use politics is a specialized field which requires expertise in political strategy, land use law, and communications.  To build a team of Project Managers with the skills to maneuver through the zoning approvals process, we search across the country for seasoned political experts with “type A” personalities.  Our ideal candidate has a record of turning a “no” into a “yes”, and has the natural ability to motivate entire communities.

As Saint Consulting is non-partisan, we are only concerned with candidates’ persuasive skills – not ideologies or affiliations.  We seek people who have managed multiple political campaigns and know how to outthink an opponent to win a fight.  They must have a willingness to canvass and collect signatures to lead the charge in amassing a bigger mob than the opponent.  In addition to politics, some of our successful candidates share backgrounds such as journalism, planning, law, and public relations.

Saint Consulting Group’s hiring practice is thorough.  After three rounds of interviews conducted in-person and over the phone, candidates must gain the approval of at least five managers and our CEO.  To be as fair as possible, we strive to administer uniform interviews through structured behavioral questions and case-based problem solving.

We welcome new Project Managers into the firm with rigorous training to provide the essentials of land-use knowledge and then they’re off to their first assignment where the training continues.  We assign a mentor for the first three months to provide support and to fine-tune the fundamentals.  Finally, each Project Manager undergoes additional training throughout the year to stay current on industry news, our firm’s business practices, and land use laws and topics such as environmental regulations, how to work with unions, and how to manage local attorneys.

We take people with experience in grassroots campaigning and arm them with land use expertise to mobilize local communities.  Our team is uniquely positioned to take on politically-charged battles and save our clients time and money.

Anna Dane is director of recruiting and training for The Saint Consulting Group, email  dane@tscg.biz, phone 770 485-9347

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