Vancouver debate cites Saint Index: Canadians prefer landfill to casino

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With the current debate in Vancouver about the new downtown casino, it’s of interest to note that most Canadians would sooner see a landfill than a casino in their backyard, according to the Saint Index cited in the Vancouver Real Estate Market Insight blog.

David Allison of Real Estate News Exchange notes that research into NIMBYs (not in my backyard) in Canada has found that most people would rather have a landfill than a casino as their neighbour.

The Saint Index study, by the Saint Consulting Group that studies NIMBY attitudes, found that Canadianscontinue to oppose casino development, as 83% of respondents cited opposition. However, just 75% of respondents oppose a landfill.

Click here for the full story.   For more details about the Saint Index, click here.

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