US Opposition to New Development is Not Regional – Saint Index

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Years ago, we primarily saw opposition to commercial real estate projects on the coasts due to population density and market maturity.  Now it can be just as tough to build in Kansas as in Massachusetts and California.

Opposition to development nationally is at 74% and, as the chart here illustrates, there are no regions of the United States where developers can count on a calm and quiet public hearing.

Mass media, the internet and social networking all help to level this playing field.  Residents of every state have seen twenty years of media stories reporting on home owners fighting proposed big box stores and winning.  Everyone thinks they can storm city hall and pressure elected officials to deny zoning changes and building permits.  Political novices can get “how-to” directions on the web.

The Saint Index is the only international survey that quantifies and studies opposition to development.  For more information on the Saint Index go to or contact us directly for a briefing focusing    on your industry. Email: or call 781 749 7290, ext 7121 on your industry.

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