US Gives Green Light to Cape Wind Construction and Operation Plan

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The Cape Wind Project got the green light from U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to begin construction — marking a milestone for the American offshore wind industry.

Salazar announced approval of the first-ever Construction and Operation Plan (COP) for a U.S. offshore wind energy project, granting Cape Wind Associates the official go-ahead to begin construction on the turbine project across 25 square miles of Nantucket Sound. When complete, the project will produce enough electricity to supply hundreds of thousands of American homes.

The approval of an 800-page construction and operations plan for the 130-turbine project in Nantucket Sound waswidely expected, but Salazar traveled to Boston last week to make the announcement, saying it illustrates the Obama administration’s commitment to wind power, especially along the blustery Atlantic Coast.

Click here for Boston Globe report.

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