Protest, costly dissent leave US energy options lagging behind Russia, Kazakhstan

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kazakhstanRussia and Kazakhstan plan to significantly increase their uranium output in order to fuel the prevalence of nuclear power. Why are we in the United States so woefully behind and so prohibitive? asks Chris Hopkins, Saint Consulting’s senior vice president for aggregates and mining.

Russia and Kazakhstan are among the leaders in anticipated oil production in the coming decades, yet they see clear to invest in alternative energies as well. See Reuters article.

Meanwhile in the United States, we have not had an oil refinery go on line in over 30 years, one is in the midst of the permitting process, but still years from being online. Nuclear power is still a third rail to discuss and mining coal, forget it. We have environmental extremists opposing wind power, oil drilling, coal mining, uranium mining and the drilling for natural gas. What is left. Not only do these environmental groups oppose these efforts, they inflict incredible costs on an applicant that will ultimately raise the price to the general public if a product is ever brought to market.

What do the Russians and the Kazakhstan’s know that we don’t? And the more important and pressing question is who will be in a better energy position in 10, 15, 25 years?

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