US Chamber notes Green vs Green gulf over renewables

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The US Chamber of Commerce and many of its state-based affiliates appear as ideological conservatives on environment issues. No surprise there. But this same Chamber has drawn attention to energy projects around the country that face a kind of Green versus Green struggle over many clean and renewable energy projects.

The US Chamber’s website Project No Project documents energy projects around the country that have faced resistance at the grassroots, among them dozens of clean and renewable energy projects.

As Keith Schneider points out, “My friends and colleagues in the environmental community and the clean energy development community tell me that almost every clean energy project of any size and scale is running headlong into civic opposition that in most cases is led by local environmental groups. The only region that appears to be ready to accept big clean energy projects is the South, where a colleague says she hasn’t picked up any signs of resistance.”

Click here for full post in Climate Change Media Partnership.

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