US Chamber: NIMBY cost energy projects $560 Billion and 250,000 Jobs

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A flawed permitting process for energy projects is the main contributor to roughly $560 billion in lost direct and private investment and 250,000 jobs, according to testimony delivered by U.S. Chamber Senior Vice President William L. Kovacs before a joint meeting of the Senate and House Western Caucuses.

“The ‘Not In My Back Yard’ folks have abused a flawed permitting process to block 381 energy projects, nearly 44% of which involve renewable energy,” said Kovacs. “They have organized local opposition, changed zoning laws, opposed permits, filed lawsuits, and bled projects dry of their financing. It’s like an anchor on economic growth and job creation.”

“Congress could improve the permitting process for energy projects by adopting the commonsense procedures used for transportation projects and shortening the statute of limitations in which project opponents can file suit,” added Kovacs, speaking on July 15.

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