UK shortlists proposed eco-towns, MPs vow planning battle

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energy save The UK government has proposed 15 “eco-towns”, the first new towns in England since the 1960s. The new settlements are intended to reflect environmentally friendly construction methods, provide good transport that minimises car use and promotes walking and exercise (see graphic courtesy of BBC). But opponents say the government is ignoring local protests to impose the new communities.

As an example, MPs have vowed to oppose an eco-town of 5,000 homes proposed near Ford in West Sussex. MP Nick Herbert said told the Crawley Observer: “West Sussex is already being required to build an additional 58,000 houses. When the A27 is congested, our hospitals are being downgraded and there are shortages of water, further development is simply unsustainable.

“What’s more, the local planning process has been totally subverted. Arun District Council has objected to development at Ford, but the Government is seeking to impose housing over the heads of local communities.” more

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