The Selling of Walmart – DC City Paper Quotes Patrick Fox

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The most sophisticated retailer in the world brought its A-Game to Washington, D.C., and probably didn’t need to, writes Lydia DePillis in Washington City Paper.

The alternative weekly ran a cover story on Walmart’s long-awaited move into the nation’s capital last week entitled, “The Selling of Walmart: How the World’s Biggest Retailer Won Over DC Without a Fight”, and quoted Patrick Fox, president of The Saint Consulting Group.

In preparing the story, writes DePillis, “I spoke with Patrick Fox of Saint Consulting, which helps companies develop strategies to overcome NIMBY opposition. According to their Saint Index, opposition to Walmarts is actually shrinking: In 2010, 54 percent of Americans said they would oppose a Walmart in their community, which is down from 63 percent in 2005. But it’s still the least-favored retail operation in the country, according to Saint’s data, falling behind only landfills, casinos, and quarries in the degree of opposition it stirs up.

For the full City Paper feature, click here. For some outtakes that were published online, click here.

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