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Company’s growth, spurred by need for land-use political strategies, leads to four new offices this year with fifth in offing, totaling a lucky 13

The Saint Consulting Group – the largest consulting firm in the world to focus on land-use politics, and the source of The Saint Index© of attitudes about real estate development – now has a presence in Honolulu, New York, Philadelphia, and Seattle. This brings the total number of offices to 12, with one more in the offing.

P. Michael Saint, company chairman and CEO, comments on this spurt, which is beyond the company’s habitual 20% annually growth: “Research for the 2005 Saint Index yielded that one in five American families has actively opposed a development project, a statistic that took even us by surprise. When our clients began to request offices close to their real estate holdings, that clinched our decision to increase the number of Saint Consulting locations.”

The 65-person Saint Consulting organization is headquartered in Hingham, just southeast of Boston, with existing offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville [where Michael Saint is located], San Francisco, Tampa, and Washington, DC.

Saint Consulting’s European office in London is also thriving, reports President Patrick Fox – and its international management group is getting Toronto ready to open officially in the fall, although consulting work in Canada has already begun.

Since 1983, the $20-million company has specialized in winning zoning and land-use battles. Principal industries served are aggregates, casinos, landfill/ waste management, grocery and retail, mixed-use developments, housing, and utilities.

Saint Consulting began its The Saint Index© – the first-ever study of the confluence of politics, real estate, and business growth – in December 2005, followed this spring by a similar survey in the UK. Both Saint Indexes concluded that there will be unceasing opposition to organizations wishing to develop property and to politicians who run for election on pro-growth land-use issues.

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