The Promise and Problems of West Oakland – reprinted from The Monthly

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West Oakland resident Royster Jackson remembers plans to rebuild the area from as far back as 1956

West Oakland is the first exit eastbound off the Bay Bridge from San Francisco. Its legacy of poverty, crime and high unemployment is making room for high expectations as a grand development plan takes shape to revamp West Oakland and to attract retail, light industry and new homes.

Together with a $1 billion expansion of on-dock rail at the nearby Port of Oakland and defunct Oakland Army Base, significant change is coming to one of the most geographically desirable locations in Northern California.

The East Bay Monthly has published an extensive look at the promise and the problems of West Oakland, written by Paul Mindus, director of business development for The Saint Consulting Group and a former journalist.

Click here for a pdf The Monthly – West Oakland feature or click  here to read an online version.


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