The NIMBY War Cry

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January 2007 Chain Store Age

A year-long battle between Wal-Mart and a small-town mayor has been playing out in the pages of the Lincoln Journal-Star. The retail giant and Colleen Seng, mayor of Lincoln, Neb., first sharpened their swords when Wal-Mart announced its intentions to open a third Lincoln store in a rapidly growing neighborhood on the east side of town. Seng fired back publicly with unexpected vehemence: “You are too big and too invasive for this particular neighborhood.” (I’m paraphrasing.) “Besides, I prefer Target.” (I’m paraphrasing here, too, but you get my drift.) Seng made no secret of playing favorites. In a move that surprised even the city council, she managed through some political maneuverings to downsize the development area, making it too small for Wal-Mart’s minimum requirements. But for Target, it was just right.

The NIMBY War Cry

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