Tesco still seeks answers in US, survey shows less optimism than year ago

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Tesco has been busy trying to figure out what American consumers want. The company’s latest answer is adding about 1,000 new items to shelves of its Fresh & Easy stores. The typical Fresh & Easy currently carries roughly 3,500 items.

“This isn’t about changing the concept of Fresh & Easy,” Jonathan Church, a spokesperson for Tesco, told Reuters. “What we’ve got to do is fine-tune the model for the customer we have before us today.”

However, an online survey by Retailwire.com points out that only 18 percent of respondents are more optimistic about Tesco’s chances in the US than they were last year. More telling are the 53 percent who are less optimistic. And the comments published by Retailwire are quite punishing in their candor.

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