15 Social Media Trends to Watch Out For In 2015

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By Courtney Graziano, Director of Saint Digital, The Saint Consulting Group 1. Value over spam Yes, you should post frequently but that doesn’t mean you should post frequent inconsequential ramblings. In our now now now world, attention span is non-existent. The average American has an attention span of eight seconds. To put that in perspective: goldfish have a longer attention … Read More

FREE Webinar – New Technology and Tools in Land Use Campaigns

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Saint Consulting will be offering six Webinars in 2015 covering some of our most requested topics. Our second topic will be New Technology and Tools in Land Use Campaigns presented by Courtney Graziano and Patrick Fox on February 24, 2015. This Webinar will cover how social media, digital tools and fast moving technology is increasing effectiveness, speed and efficiency of … Read More

Strategic Comms #42: Using SMART Goals for Your Communications Strategy

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In setting your goals, it is helpful to use a framework borrowed from other business disciplines such as organizational behavior called the SMART Goals model. SMART is an acronym which stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.