Saint Model Outcome – video, local outreach win town board vote on retail move

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By Saint Consulting Staff, The Saint Consulting Group Continuing our series of case studies to illustrate the politics of planning, this Saint Model Outcome looks at overcoming local opposition to a retail project. Our client wanted to close an existing 35,000-SF store and construct a new 50,000-SF store a half a mile away. The proposed project required the super-majority approval … Read More

Cumbersome UK planning process delays retail development — Retail Week study

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An underfunded and overcomplicated planning process is holding up the development of UK shopping centers and supermarkets, costing retailers valuable trading time. Retail Week’s Ben Cooper asks how the system could be made more efficient. For the biggest projects, such as a retail-led urban regeneration scheme, a developer can be looking at up to 10 years from conception to completion … Read More

Tesco in Turkey — risk of operating in emerging markets hits UK retailer

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In a week that Tesco vaunted its international credentials with a move into India, the UK’s biggest retailer was trying to disentangle itself from a row in Turkey that underlines the challenge and reputational risk of operating in emerging markets, The Financial Times has reported. The development of a large supermarket near Istanbul turned into a political football when the … Read More

Developers delay retail projects until 2010 — waiting until demand returns

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One of the most prevalent trends CoStar reports from the retail real estate investment trusts’ second quarter conference calls was their decision to put off planned new retail development until 2010 or later. In this story, CoStar makes note of this trend, citing specific examples of large retail projects that have been recently delayed and the reasoning many retail REITs … Read More

Sharp rise in shopping center vacancies, trend expected to worsen

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The number of shuttered box stores and empty strip malls has expanded dramatically over the last six months, according to data from commercial real estate brokers and investment advisors. And the situation is likely to get much worse. Chain retailers have announced plans to close more than 6,500 outlets by year’s end, even as shopping center construction continues at a … Read More

Are malls are dying — impact on retail planning and how people live

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Shopping malls, according to recent stories in USA Today and the Baltimore Sun, are closing, dying or evolving into a new form of open-air shopping. Britain’s Economist adds that as malls spring up around the world, “they are dying in the country that pioneered them.” The Economist reports an ethnic shift that as suburbs become more racially mixed, cities fill … Read More


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Canada’s largest cities most opposed to development TORONTO, APRIL 2, 2007 – Retailers beware! New research findings point to major contradictions that could result in significant opposition to retail developments, especially in Canada’s largest cities. “Canadians like the big-box retail shopping experience. That’s the good news,” explains Patrick Fox, President of the Saint Consulting Group. “Yet, 58% of Canadians say … Read More

Poll: Wal-Mart least popular development

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February 3, 2007 New Jersey Daily Record So, what type of real estate do people want most NOT to be built in their community? The booby prize goes to: Wal-Mart. Some 68 percent of respondents in a poll conducted by Saint Consulting Group in Massachusetts were opposed to a new Wal-Mart, perhaps because of a fear of traffic congestion. Poll: … Read More