New Book Describes Saint Consulting’s Approach to Winning Land Use Campaigns

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The Saint Consulting Group today announced publication of a new book that describes the management consulting firm’s unique approach to winning campaigns on behalf of important land use projects. So What?: Measuring and Assessing Strategic Communications in Land Use Politics was primarily written for real estate developers. However, the book has been hailed as the best book on land use … Read More

Von Clausewitz on zoning wars: commit resources, get good info, build a crowd

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 By P. Michael Saint CEO, The Saint Consulting Group When Prussian soldier and writer Carl Von Clausewitz wrote his classic book, “On War” in the 1830s, his words were directed at the philosophy, strategy and tactics of successful ground wars in 19th Century Europe. He did not envision that his ideas would be equally relevant to real estate zoning battles … Read More

Capital markets re-think strategies to manage political risk in property investment

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By Tom Ahern Senior Vice President, The Saint Consulting Group Go to a local zoning board meeting on any given Tuesday night and you are bound the see the following: lawyers, lots of lawyers, usually in suits and not exactly looking like the general citizenry of the town or hamlet. There will also be developers and their assorted consultants — … Read More

Common sense for developers: don’t let your project be THE election issue

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By Jay Vincent Regional Vice President, The Saint Consulting Group It’s no surprise that if all politics is local, then today’s real estate projects are vulnerable when election season heats up. Whether a developer has an ongoing project in the approval phase or wants to proceed with the purchase of property that needs some type of local entitlement, zoning matters … Read More

‘Nowhere is Safe’: Saint Reaches $30MM in NIMBY Wars

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December 13, 2008 Venture Nashville Connections FRANKLIN-BASED MIKE SAINT HAS CREATED A $30 MILLION INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANCY DRIVEN BY CONTROVERSY, THANKS LARGELY TO “DOING LESS,” IN ORDER TO DO IT VERY, VERY WELL. Saint is founder, chairman, CEO and treasurer of The Saint Consulting Group Inc., which helps real-estate developers and industrial plant builders win government permits or thwart competitors’ projects, … Read More

DEVELOPERS BEWARE: Economic woes, fear of change discourage development

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— New Projects Could Bolster Local Community Economies, But Opposition, NIMBYism Still Strong — Despite a steady stream of bad economic news, real estate developers are not going to find it easier to build, a new national survey by The Saint Consulting Group reports.. The need for jobs, new taxes and fear over a weakening economy are not motivating citizens … Read More

NIMBYism spreads, self-interest is real reason Americans oppose development

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Opposition to real estate development — commercial and residential — is increasing and represents a growing concern for real estate developers and politics alike, according to the 2007 Saint Index survey of Americans’ attitudes towards development. Patrick Fox, president of The Saint Consulting Group, writes in the May issue of Shopping Center Business that NIMBYism continues to spread, and nearly … Read More

Overcoming public opposition to quarry development — how to rally support

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So, you want to build a quarry? “Not in my community!” That’s what 64 percent of Americans said in the 2007 Saint Index survey of attitudes toward real-estate development. To put that in startling perspective, 65 percent said they would oppose a nuclear power plan in their hometown. Only landfills and casinos — both with 76 percent opposition — are … Read More

Voters politicize real estate development at the polls, Saint Index survey shows

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Development and growth is an important issue for American voters when they go to the polls. Eighty-nine percent of Americans say a candidate’s position on development and growth is ‘important’ or ‘very important’ when considering candidates for county and local office, according to The Saint Index, a national survey of American public attitudes that has become the annual measure of … Read More