Reach out to community after winning quarry permits, Part 2

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(Chris Hopkins started a series for quarry owners based on what do you do, now that you have won your planning permit) By Chris Hopkins Senior Vice President, The Saint Consulting Group You have received your permits and you are ready to open for business. Looking back on the bruising, time consuming and expensive permitting process, you grumble over the … Read More

Can You Avoid or Mitigate Being Attacked at Public Hearings?

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At a recent public hearing in Ortonville, MN, Strata Corporation found itself facing 18 out of 20 speakers voicing their opposition to a proposed quarry. Strata Corporation could have discovered that with proper preparation this level of discourse could have been avoided.

Overcoming Opposition and Building Community Acceptance: Everything is Political

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Despite the economic recession, America’s NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) attitude is still overwhelming in every region, the nationwide survey of 1,000 adults found. An aggregate quarry is near the top of the “unwanted” list, trailing only a landfill (78 percent opposition) or a casino (77 percent) when it comes to a person’s hometown. In such an environment, it is increasingly necessary for operators seeking to develop or expand a quarry to demonstrate public support before local politicians will vote for a needed zoning change, an air permit application or any other public approvals.

Reaching out after you win quarry permit – community involvement, Part 3

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Is it enough to take a sponsorship page for the local high school basketball team, or sponsor a youth sports team in town or even donating a bench in the town square with your company’s logo on it? We don’t think so. These efforts mayl create goodwill among some people in town, but will they allow you the vehicle to get to know your neighbors or more importantly for them to get to know you as well as the aggregate business?

Quarries hit rock bottom as most opposed property sector in Britain — Saint Index

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The latest UK Saint Index survey carried out by The Saint Consulting Group found that quarries reach a new all time low, for the first time beating casinos and power stations as most hated form of development. The Saint Index asks whether the public supports or opposes development across a wide range of industries. This produces a NIMBY Hate List … Read More

Quarries Now Most Opposed Sector in the UK

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March 18, 2009 Quarry Management British attitudes have hardened against various types of land development, particularly quarries, even in the midst of economic recession and with the promise of new jobs that such projects can bring, according to the latest UK Saint Index – an annual survey on public attitudes to development. The 2009 survey carried out by The Saint … Read More