Saint Tips: Communication plan for developers: earn trust, counter NIMBYs

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By Patrick Fox, President, The Saint Consulting Group, and staff With large-scale development often facing clamors of opposition, generating community support for a project is a challenge to developers. To persuade a community to support a new project often means overcoming issues of property use, real estate value, traffic, environmental issues or character of a neighborhood. A developer needs a … Read More

Want your project to succeed? Then manage knowledge successfully!

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By Seth Cargiuolo Chief Knowledge Officer The Saint Consulting Group Every development project, regardless of size or industry, has one thing in common — a myriad of moving pieces. Plans, elevations, marketing collateral, zoning applications, contracts, and an outreach or public relations plan are just some of those pieces, and they’re all managed by different players from different disciplines, all … Read More

Political due diligence: essential step often skipped in complex projects

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By Jesse McKnight Executive Vice President, The Saint Consulting Group (Editor’s note: this article on airport expansion explains the key role political due diligence plays in identifying and preparing for big issues facing controversial projects across all property sectors) The biggest mistake airport operators — or developers of any potentially controversial project — make is launching expansion efforts without fully … Read More

Saint Model Outcome: counter opposition to urban renewal, find your own support

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By Jay Vincent, Regional Vice President- Midwest, The Saint Consulting Group In the second in a series of case studies, this Saint Model Outcome looks at urban redevelopment. For five years our client tried to secure approval to redevelop an entire city block of retail and commercial office space. Community leaders had initially favored the redevelopment and expansion, but then … Read More