Wastecon: Jay Vincent on Engaging the Public Through the Advocacy Pyramid

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Jay Vincent will be the headlining presenter for the “Engaging the Public” session of Wastecon from 4:00 – 5:30 PM on Tuesday, August 14th. The presentation will be about engaging stakeholders through an approach we call the Advocacy Pyramid.

Getting people to say “yes” to landfills, getting your project approved – a guide to land use politics

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The landfill industry should sit up and take notice, because without pro-active steps to identify and unlock latent community support for their plans, many projects will be hijacked by the opposition and get mired in years of expensive delays.

Internet changing way landfill siting battles are fought

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November 09, 2009 — Waste & Reclycling News — YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET — If landfill developers thought times were tough, just wait. That’s because potential project opponents are more easily mobilized with information that can be gained quicker than ever thanks to the Internet, said Michael Saint, founder and CEO of the Saint Consulting Group, a firm specializing … Read More

Upping the Anti-

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April 1, 2008 Chain Store Age If you could choose between having a dump or a casino in your backyard, which would it be? It didn’t take me but about a half-second to answer “neither,” and I’m feeling pretty comfortable that you’re in agreement. And a whole lot of Americans are with us. The most recent Saint Index survey of … Read More


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PLOTS & PLOYS For and Against Americans would rather have a new nuclear-power plant in their town than a casino or a landfill, according to a new survey of attitudes on local development projects. That is among the findings in an August telephone survey by the Center for Economic and Civic Opinion at the University of Massachusetts. The study was … Read More

Casinos, landfills lead thumbs-down list: Survey

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August 18, 2007 Toronto Star Casinos, landfills and aggregate quarries rank 1, 2, 3 on the list of development proposals Canadians are most likely to oppose in their area, while single- family homes, hospitals, grocery stores and apartments/condos, in that order, are much more acceptable, according to the Saint Index (don’t confuse Saint with saint). The Saint Index comes from … Read More

NIMBYism Alive and Well

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April 4, 2007 Novae Res Urbis People hate casinos, landfills, power plants and big-box stores, but welcome single-family homes, hospitals and even office towers in their backyards, according to the first national survey of Canadian attitudes toward real estate developments. The survey by Saint Consulting Group, which recently opened its first Canadian office in Toronto, also found that contrary to … Read More

Nimbyists Grow Stronger

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January/February 2007 Electric Perspectives Results from the 2006 Saint Index may not be surprising, but it is worth reporting that Americans are strongly opposed—and increasingly so—to several types of real-estate development projects, including biotech laboratories,landfills, power plants, quarries, and “big box” stores (like Wal-Mart). Twice as many actively oppose developmentas support it. Further, 70 percent of Americans support using tax … Read More