Saint University Executive Seminars

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Keeping corporate teams on the cutting edge of land use politics Saint University Executive Seminars are customized programs for corporate teams- keeping them on the cutting edge of land use politics. Our programs have been featured at The World Bank, MIT Center for Real Estate, Vanderbilt University, Urban Land Institute, International Conference of Shopping Centers, ADIT Brasil, the National Sand, … Read More

Saint Model Outcomes – actions speak louder than words in land use politics

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These seven case studies come from a variety of projects managed by The Saint Consulting Group, where we identified latent support to champion a project, or created a counter-voice to balance opposition groups that had dominated the planning process. Some used video petitions and canvassing to generate community advocacy. All persuaded elected officials it was in their electoral interest to listen to wider voter sentiment, not just the vocal NIMBY minority.

Towns seek overturn Florida law that relaxes local development rules

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Florida municipalities are seeking to overturn the Community Renewal Law, enacted this summer that relaxed development requirements and ended a regional planning process for major projects of regional impact. Their lawsuit accuses the state of imposing unfunded land use requirements on local communities.

Joint MIT-Saint Consulting Course on Land Use Politics July 17-18

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MIT’s Center for Real Estate and The Saint Consulting Group are collaborating for the second straight year to offer a two-day course on Community Relations: Winning Community Support for Land Use Projects. This unique course, to be held on July 17 and 18 at the Center for Real Estate on the Cambridge campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is … Read More

Fear and Loathing in Land Use Politics

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By Patrick Fox, President, The Saint Consulting Group It’s ugly out there for commercial real estate developers.  The cynicism and distrust of politicians and our political system has permeated the approvals process for commercial real estate projects and it makes the process more difficult to navigate for everyone. According to the results of the 2015 Saint Index, 61 percent of Americans … Read More

Strategic Communications: Establish a Culture of Communication

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By Owen Eagan, The Saint Consulting Group Just as communication is a core competence of managerial leaders, it is also a critical element of every company’s corporate culture.  Corporate culture is best defined by Edgar Schein, an MIT professor and a leading scholar on this subject, as “the learned, shared, tacit assumptions on which people base their daily behavior.”  He … Read More

Strategic Communications: Train Employees to Interact with Your Clients

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By Owen Eagan, The Saint Consulting Group Communicating with customers is more than about providing exceptional service.  According to Inge Thulin, VP of International Operations for 3M, “Innovation comes from interacting with customers” (Outlook magazine, February 6, 2010).  That is, only through understanding and anticipating customer needs can you provide innovative solutions.  In order to do that, you must provide … Read More

Strategic Communications: Emphasize that Strategy is Everybody’s Business

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By Owen Eagan, The Saint Consulting Group Dean Spitzer writes in Leader to Leader 2: Enduring Insights on Leadership that leaders place a heavy emphasis on communication and, most importantly, they listen to their employees.  In fact, he states that IBM’s highly successful e-business was the result of Lou Gerstner, the company’s former CEO, taking the time to listen to … Read More