Cincinnati pols eye school funds to cover deficit on sports stadiums

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Voters feel like rubes played for suckers at the carnival, because they’re on the hook for what looks like a $13 million deficit next year in the stadium fund that pays off construction debt for Paul Brown Stadium and Great American Ball Park. The deficit might be even more — possibly $92 million by 2014 if nothing is done.

Commercial real estate expert: full recovery 2½ years away, vacancy rate key

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By Owen Eagan, Division Manager for Southern California, The Saint Consulting Group During a panel discussion for Pepperdine MBA alumni in downtown Los Angeles last month, Robert Chavez, former CEO and founder of Staubach LA and current president and CEO of Guardian Commercial Realty, said that a full recovery in the commercial real estate market could take 2 ½ years. … Read More

Health care, development’s bright light, still shines despite credit woes

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By Tom Ahern, Senior Vice President, The Saint Consulting Group Much has been written, spoken and ruminated lately on the implosion of the US commercial property market. More specifically, many retail and commercial developers are just hoping to keep their heads above water until 2010 when, they hope, the US has pulled out of recession, and consumers are buying towels, … Read More

Good, Bad and Ugly – ULI’s Blank on Obama, economy and confidence in markets

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By Jesse McKnight Executive Vice President, The Saint Consulting Group Listening to Stephen Blank, Senior Fellow for Finance at the Urban Land Institute (ULI), can be a sobering experience, as he proved again at the ULI conference in Atlanta where he described the economic recession as the “Lindsay Lohanization of capital markets” – saying they have spiraled out of control … Read More

Quarries Now Most Opposed Sector in the UK

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March 18, 2009 Quarry Management British attitudes have hardened against various types of land development, particularly quarries, even in the midst of economic recession and with the promise of new jobs that such projects can bring, according to the latest UK Saint Index – an annual survey on public attitudes to development. The 2009 survey carried out by The Saint … Read More

Nimbyism on the Rise as Climate Bites

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March 11 2009 Estates Gazette The British public’s attitudes against development have hardened in the midst of the economic climate, according to a new survey from Saint Consulting. The Saint Index, which surveyed 1,000 people in January and February this year, found that 85% of respondents were antidevelopment. Nick Keable, UK vice president of the Saint Consulting Group, said: “Nimbyism … Read More

Developers promising tax revenue: no sure win over NIMBYs in hard times

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By Bryan Mills New England Divisional Manager, The Saint Consulting Group A bad economy gives communities more incentive to approve commercial development projects (for the tax rolls). Right? Diversifying the local tax base, so goes the argument, shifts the burden from homeowners to business — a win-win for local politicians and residents. Right? Most developers cite the estimated tax revenue … Read More