Toronto developer shuns big box for smaller stores, public transit and trees

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According to the stereotype, shopping centre developers set out to cram as much retail floor space as possible onto the available land – then use the rest for acres of parking lot. Not Mark Kindrachuk, writes Craig Saunders in the Toronto Globe and Mail. The Toronto developer is bucking the big-box trend by building an office and shopping centre in … Read More

Big-Box Crux

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August, 2007 Retail Traffic Big-box retailers remain major draws for shoppers and cash cows for developers, but that’s not stopping a growing number of states from throwing obstacles in the way of their development. In the past two years, at least seven states have considered laws that sought to remove authority from local communities when it comes to approving development … Read More


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Canada’s largest cities most opposed to development TORONTO, APRIL 2, 2007 – Retailers beware! New research findings point to major contradictions that could result in significant opposition to retail developments, especially in Canada’s largest cities. “Canadians like the big-box retail shopping experience. That’s the good news,” explains Patrick Fox, President of the Saint Consulting Group. “Yet, 58% of Canadians say … Read More

Poll: Wal-Mart least popular development

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February 3, 2007 New Jersey Daily Record So, what type of real estate do people want most NOT to be built in their community? The booby prize goes to: Wal-Mart. Some 68 percent of respondents in a poll conducted by Saint Consulting Group in Massachusetts were opposed to a new Wal-Mart, perhaps because of a fear of traffic congestion. Poll: … Read More

Nimbyists Grow Stronger

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January/February 2007 Electric Perspectives Results from the 2006 Saint Index may not be surprising, but it is worth reporting that Americans are strongly opposed—and increasingly so—to several types of real-estate development projects, including biotech laboratories,landfills, power plants, quarries, and “big box” stores (like Wal-Mart). Twice as many actively oppose developmentas support it. Further, 70 percent of Americans support using tax … Read More

Wal-Marts still get Americans worked up

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December 10, 2006 Chicago Tribune I’m having a garage sale on top of my desk. Here’s what I think I need to get rid of: Big boxes are great–over there The NIMBY concept (“Not in my back yard”) as it pertains to development has been around a long time; now a political consultant for developers has quantified it. That is: … Read More

A Week’s Worth

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December 4, 2006 The Christian Science Monitor For the first time in four months, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost ground in consecutive weeks, dropping 0.7 percent as of Friday’s close. If there’s a class of people more unpopular than politicians or used-car salesmen, it may be real estate developers, the Saint Consulting Group reports. Its survey found twice as … Read More

Supporters Speak Up

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March 01, 2006 Big Builder STUDY SHOWS THAT NEW HOUSING DEVELOPMENT EFFORTS ARE RELATIVELY UNCONTESTED. Thumbs up: Housing gets a free pass according to new study finding, says Patrick Fox, president of Saint Consulting Group. Surveyors used a standard clustering methodology known as random digit dialing, interviewing 250 people in each of four regions—Northeast, Midwest, West, and South. In contrast … Read More


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Saint Index, national survey, finds that Wal-Mart is always welcome…somewhere else. The Saint Index©, a new survey by the Hingham, MA-based Saint Consulting Group, confirms Americans’ love-hate relationship with Wal-Mart. Even as the global company revs up a campaign to protect its reputation, and despite Wal-Mart’s undeniable popularity among consumers, almost two-thirds of those surveyed (63%) said that they would … Read More

Survey Shows the Public Resents New Development Projects

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January 18, 2006 Real Estate Weekly Americans are twice as likely to oppose new real estate development projects as support them. They are more likely to oppose quarries, casinos, land-fills and big-box retail than single family homes and groceries. They say their opposition stems from concerns over traffic and quality of life issue. They will use the political process to … Read More