Has wind hit it big? Opponents take up anti-big business stance

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Opponents of the wind energy industry are now comparing them to the tobacco industry. Cathy Taibbi writes in Wildlife Conservation Examiner.com an account of birds, bats and animals “massacred” by wind farm turbines. As a card-carrying member of the tobacco family, I wish all who toiled for tobacco got a referral fee every time a “Big Industry” anti used it as an evil analogy to benchmark companies seeking to make a profit and secure policy support from government.

Carolinas become new front in land use battles over wind energy

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Looks like land use politics is quickly following on the heels of wind energy’s movement to the mountains and shores of the southeast. The Carolinas are the new front in the midst of sometimes heated discussions about wind energy in locations considered sacred by many environmentalists, preservationists and avid nature enthusiasts, particularly in the Appalachians.

Prevailing Against Anti-Wind Sentiment

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Turning anti-wind sentiment into permits requires organization, strategy and plain ol’ grassroots politics. Understanding how the opposition plans to stop your wind farm may be the first step toward planning for its approval. An article written for North American WindPower by Ben Kelahan, Senior Vice President-Energy, The Saint Consulting Group. Prevailing Against Anti-Wind Sentiment

US public supports wind energy initiatives — industry blogs report Saint Index

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Two leading wind industry blogs have reported on the Saint Index public surveys which show public support in the United States growing for wind energy initiatives. The National Wind Blog suggests that recent press coverage on energy issues that has heightened a sense of awareness of how the American economy benefits when power is generated locally. It also suggests that … Read More