Support for Walmart Projects Rising — Saint Index

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Walmart support has been trending upward for the last five years.  In 2006, 63% of all Americans said they would oppose a Walmart if it was proposed in their community.  Today opposition is down to 54% with 43% supporting a local Walmart proposal, according to The Saint Index.

The demographics show Walmart’s most likely opponents are female, college grads or those with post-graduate degrees, income over $100K, suburban, politically liberal or moderate from the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic or Western US.

Walmart supporters are likely to be male, high school diploma or less, income under $35K, politically conservative, from rural areas in the South or Midwest.

The Saint Index is the only international survey that quantifies and studies opposition to development.  For more information on the Saint Index go to or contact us directly for a briefing focusing on your industry. Email: or call 781 749 7290, ext 7121 on your industry.

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