Strategic Communications: Five Ways to Enhance your Competitive Advantage

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By Owen Eagan, The Saint Consulting Group

There are at least five communications strategies your organization could utilize to enhance its competitive advantage.  These five strategies are practiced by Saint Consulting and have helped sustain the company as the worldwide market leader in land use politics.  We’ll elaborate on each of these strategies and how they relate to the practices of our company and its clients in subsequent blog posts.

1. Ensure That Your Managerial Leaders are Good Communicators

Organizations cannot thrive without strong managerial leaders and communication skills are a core competence of managerial leaders.

2. Share Information with Your Employees and Give Them a Voice

Open communication enhances employee satisfaction, which in turn increases customer satisfaction and improves business results.

3. Emphasize that Strategy is Everybody’s Business

In addition to giving employees a voice, encourage them to continually offer their ideas as you never know where the best ideas will come from.

4. Invest in Your Employees and Train Them to Interact with Customers

Training your frontline employees to interact with customers provides invaluable feedback for innovation.

5. Establish a Culture of Communication

A company’s culture can be one of its strongest attributes so establishing a culture of communication can increase its competitive advantage and help attract and retain top talent.

Owen Eagan is a Senior Consultant for Saint Consulting, an international management consulting firm specializing in land use politics.  He is also an adjunct faculty member at Emerson College, the nation’s only four-year institution dedicated exclusively to communications and the performing arts. email