Stakeholder acceptance, policy incentives needed to develop offshore wind

The Saint ReportNews 2009, saintblog

SNL Power Daily 12-8-2009 — December 8, 2009 — SNL Power Daily — Stakeholder acceptance and policy incentives are key elements for offshore wind projects to be successful, panelists said Dec. 3 at the American Wind Energy Association’s Offshore Wind Power Workshop in Boston. Ben Kelahan, senior vice president of energy with Saint Consulting, which was involved with the Bluewater Wind LLC project in Delaware, said it is critical for offshore wind energy projects to engage the gen- eral public in the process from the get-go. “It is the vocal advocates that determine the outcome of projects like these,” he said. “To reach them, first, you need to understand who they are, then you have to repetitively educate them and then you have to get them to act, lest you be the lone voice in supporting your own project.”

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