Solar thermal projects gather steam — and opposition — reports LA Times

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Whsolarile less than 12 percent of California’s state electricity came from renewable sources in 2007, the Golden State now boasts more solar thermal projects on the drawing boards here than anywhere else in the United States, Marla Dickerson reports in the Los Angeles Times.

However, critics fear that massive solar farms would create as many environmental problems as they purport to solve. As Dickerson writes, “This new-age electricity still requires old-fashioned power towers and high-voltage lines to get it to people’s homes. A proposed 150-mile transmission line known as the Sunrise Powerlink that would carry renewable power from Imperial County to San Diego has run into stiff resistance from grass-roots groups and environmentalists.”

The California Solar Energy Center provides a history of the solar evolution and links to legislation and financial incentives.

One Comment on “Solar thermal projects gather steam — and opposition — reports LA Times”

  1. i guess you are always going to get opposition in anything new. that’s life. but solar thermal is going to grow rapidly. The US are investing heavily, as are Spain who plan up to 60 thermal plants.

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