Social Media tips for developers, Part 3: focus on Quality, not Quantity

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(Editor’s Note: Seth Cargiuolo, our chief knowledge officer, says developers can use social media channels like Twitter and Facebook to reach out and attract community support for their projects. Here’s part three of a three-part series)

By Seth Cargiuolo, Chief Knowledge Officer, The Saint Consulting Group

We know the topic of Social Media can cause consternation, confusion and even outright panic in the minds of many real estate developers we’ve talked to. In our first two parts of tips on Social Media, we suggested that you should 1) blog regularly and frequently, and 2) be real.

Recent research into the 2010 mid-term elections showed that in a majority of cases, the candidate with more followers, friends and fans performed better in the election than their opponents, it’s true; but don’t be fooled into thinking that getting 1000 fans on Facebook is going to win the day for you all by itself.

Quantity of followers, friends, fans and subscribers is important, but accruing huge amounts of them isn’t helpful (and can even be counterproductive) when it becomes the focus of your efforts, and quality of communication is sacrificed.

The goal of any Social Media campaign in real estate development project is to earn concrete demonstrations of support. Whether you’re using Facebook, Twitter, another network, or a combination of them all, your communications strategy needs to be focused on demonstrating to your audience that you are trustworthy, sensitive to their concerns, and willing to add value to their community.

Ultimately, you need to be earning trust and then driving those people whose trust you’ve earned to make a logical demonstration of support – signing a comment card, an online petition, or making a call or sending an email to the Planning Board or City Council.

These three tactics form a core part of the Social Media playbook that The Saint Consulting Group uses, and they’ve led to multiple successes for our clients over the past few years. Social Media can be frustrating and scary, but if you keep it simple and straightforward, you can reap great rewards.

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Seth Cargiuolo is Chief Knowledge Officer of The Saint Consulting Group and has, upon occasion, been described as a bearded thirty-something Internet Guru. Seth loves to talk about this stuff – if you want to continue the conversation, contact him at seth [at]

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