Social Media Tips for developers, Part 2: Be real, don’t be faceless!

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(Editor’s Note: Seth Cargiuolo, our chief knowledge officer, says developers can use social media channels like Twitter and Facebook to reach out and attract community support for their projects. Here’s part two of a three-part series)

By Seth Cargiuolo, Chief Knowledge Officer, The Saint Consulting Group

Last week we opened the topic of Social Media with a caveat that those two words, more than just about any other two we can think of, can cause consternation, confusion and even outright panic in the minds of many real estate developers we’ve talked to.

Your 30-something bearded internet guru then went on to suggest that social media can help attain the goal of any campaign in real estate developments, which is to earn concrete demonstrations of support.  We said that to blog frequently and regularly was a first step towards earning trust and win support for their projects. Here is another:

Be Real


This two-word exhortation is a darling of the young, bearded Internet Guru set, and it sounds trite, but it is indeed one of the most important concepts in the use of Social Media.

If you’re going to try to engage the local populace through Twitter, Facebook or any of the other myriad tools out there, it’s essential that that engagement be on a person-to-person level. Sure, your Twitter account may be “EagleHillShoppes” or “SouthCountyQuarry” but the face and name attached to that account had better be a PR rep or member of your Project Team, and they’d better be willing to engage people in real conversation.

The same goes for Facebook or any other tool – there absolutely has to be a real name, face and person on your side of the communication, and that communication, as on your blog, needs to encompass topics more than just the features and benefits of your project.

Remember, some of these people have fears and concerns, and it’s a lot easier for a concern to allayed by a person, rather than a faceless corporate logo and tagline. The same goes for your natural allies and undecideds who want to be on your side – these people will be a lot easier to convert into active supporters if they have a real personal relationship with a project rep.

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Seth Cargiuolo is Chief Knowledge Officer of The Saint Consulting Group and has, upon occasion, been described as a bearded 30-something Internet Guru. Seth loves to talk about this stuff – if you want to continue the conversation, contact him at

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