Site Optimization: Paving the Way for Smoother Land Development Projects

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By P. Michael Saint,
Chairman, The Saint Consulting Group





Research and planning are very important steps in getting a new real estate project approved and built these days. At Saint Consulting, we have found that political due diligence, done before the project advances, can help determine whether entitlements are apt to be opposed, delayed or denied, saving the developer considerable time and money later.
In the attached column, Steve Brown of Gresham Smith and Partners, explains how site optimization done early on, can also save significant time and money.

“Being able to determine early on that a site does not fit within a project budget is extremely useful. And, as many of us are likely all too familiar, having a thorough understanding of a selected site can also mean the difference in keeping a development project moving on-time and on-budget. Thanks to advancing technology we can now be smarter and more efficient, and in-turn better stewards of our clients’ time and resources. By using site optimization software, we are able to offer a more thorough analysis of a site early in the design process, helping our clients to be better informed of potential site issues and eliminating the surprise factors. Making the right decision at this early stage of a new development can make or break the long-term success and viability of a project.”

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