Saint Strategies designs and deploys comprehensive market-wide solutions for clients with large commercial real estate holdings to protect and grow their portfolios.

Leveraging the unparalleled experience and depth of knowledge of our top level staff, Saint Strategies is a trusted advisor working with industry leaders to ensure their market share is growing, secure and protected.

We know that it’s possible to “win every battle, yet still lose the war” and we are dedicated to helping our clients avoid that fate. For large players in the Commercial Real Estate industry to succeed in today’s economic environment and remain competitive, executive leadership and real estate teams must think long-term and look at the whole game board, rather than dart from tactical fight to tactical fight.

Whether it’s designing a comprehensive competitive intelligence and market share protection program, custom-crafting fixed-budget modular permitting campaigns, or advising a C-level team on how to approach the political difficulties associated with entering a foreign market, Saint Strategies has the depth, the experience, and the adaptability to help its clients succeed.


Saint Consulting specializes in helping clients overcome NIMBY opposition and protect market share, winning the toughest land use battles.

Quick, discreet and accurate political analysis, rapid response, and expert campaign planning and execution result in consistent victories for our industry leading clients. Since 1983, we have helped developers in a wide variety of industries overcome NIMBY opposition to their projects and to protect their marketshare.

Saint Consulting has conducted over 2000 projects in the US, UK and Canada and we have a success rate of 90%. If you need to win permits for a marquee project or protect market share for an existing portfolio, there’s no better way to do it than to engage with Saint Consulting.

How does Saint Consulting Win for Our Clients?

  • We use campaign-style door-to-door canvassing, petitions, literature drops, mailings, and phone banks to contact allies and encourage them to demonstrate their support to elected officials.
  • We organize the right citizens to attend hearings and meetings and assist them with talking points and other helpful scripts, while depressing the turnout of the wrong citizens. Our Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) efforts are based on intense canvassing, research and targeting and designed to maximize our base of support.
  • We provide cover and support for officials who may worry about the political ramifications of supporting our clients in the face of neighborhood opposition and citizen intimidation
  • Our outreach efforts result in the cultivation of a homegrown, pro-project citizens group that carries our message and defines the issues in your favor. These citizen members provide the political cover for elected officials to support the project.


To better serve clients engaged in permitting commercial real estate projects on a smaller scale, we offer a service optimized for maximum outreach at minimal cost.

Not every project requires a full Strategy or Consulting engagement, and not every project has economics that justify such an expenditure.

If your project simply requires basic outreach, Saint Grassroots can quickly and cost-effectively give your team a winning edge.

How does Saint Grassroots Win for Our Clients?

Saint Grassroots can cost-effectively deliver the following types of outreach tactics:

  • Phone-based Voter ID & GOTV
  • Video petitions
  • Direct mail
  • Surveys/Polls
  • Petition drives
  • Intelligence Gathering & General Research


Saint Digital’s team designs and execute digital strategy for commercial real estate projects that allow clients to both frame the conversation and demonstrate support.

Case Studies

Fighting City Hall
Industrial Size
Regulatory Roll-Out

Whether you are trying to get a new project built or protect your market share, the digital space is a key battleground. The availability and ease-of-use of myriad communications platforms ensures that your opponents will be able to broadcast their opinions, rally supporters, and coordinate support. Saint Digital puts the same power in your hands.

We custom-create digital campaigns for each client engagement, fitting the right tools to the problem, sending the right messages to the right people. Saint Digital typically creates campaigns that work hand-in-hand with a traditional on-the-ground campaign plans, but can also create digital-only plans in appropriate situations.


Saint University provides dynamic and innovative land use politics training for commercial real estate professionals, customized for corporate training programs and specialized teams.

Dealing with angry neighbors, building consensus and support, leveraging relationships and goodwill into community support, identifying anti-competitive opposition and many other topics have been taught by Saint University staff at colleges and universities, trade associations, law firms, unions and in the board rooms and corporate training centers of Fortune 500 companies.

Saint University was established to provide comprehensive land use training and continuing political and legal courses for our own project managers and field staff. Our training is unmatched in this industry; an intensive weeklong bootcamp is required for all new hires, and we continue the education by not only sending our staff to outside courses, but we also conduct mandatory quarterly trainings as well. All Saint Consulting Group project managers and field staff must complete their training and pass several rigorous exams before being certified to manage projects for our clients.

Now, this intense training in the politics of land use is available to you and your staff.