The Saint Report has written about NIMBYs in many of our nearly 1,000 posts, most recently about a project in South Carolina where the author said the term NIMBY is oversimplified, and the local mayor was trying to whitewash problems with a project by attacking opponents as NIMBYs.

Jon Margolis, a veteran observer of Vermont politics, adds his thoughts on NIMBYS in a post to VTDigger. jonmargolis

Look out! The NIMBY fraud is coming back.

Not that it ever went far away. Though not always spoken, the suggestion that opponents of one project or another were acting out of self-interest – and thereby defying the greater public good – just because the project went through their neighborhood was never far below the surface of the political debate.

No sooner would someone oppose a new highway, a collection of wind towers, a noisy new airplane, or a garbage dump within sight or sound (or smell) of home, than the chorus would begin: This someone was guilty of NIMBYism, of opposing a worthy undertaking by whining, “not in my back yard.”

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