By Paul Mindus,
Director of Business Development, The Saint Consulting Group

The Saint Report has published a series of case studies called Saint Model Outcomes to give some examples of our experience from 28 years in land use politics.

Actions speak louder than words, and to win land use battles political campaign strategies and tactics gain far more leverage than traditional PR.

These seven case studies come from projects managed by The Saint Consulting Group, where we identified latent support for a project, or created a counter-voice to balance opposition groups in the planning process. Some used video petitions and canvassing to generate community advocacy. All persuaded elected officials it was in their electoral interest to listen to wider voter sentiment, not just the vocal NIMBY minority.

Each example outlines a business challenge, our approach and the outcome. Out of respect to our clients’ confidentiality, the circumstances of each case study are redacted without obscuring the lesson of each model outcome to help developers:

You’ll find them all on our blog under Saint Model Outcomes.  You can also contact us at if you wish more information about The Saint Consulting Group.

Paul Mindus is director of business development for The Saint Consulting Group, phone 510.770.1511, ext 7801, or email

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