Saint University Executive Seminars

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Keeping corporate teams on the cutting edge of land use politics

Saint University Executive Seminars are customized programs for corporate teams- keeping them on the cutting edge of land use politics. Our programs have been featured at The World Bank, MIT Center for Real Estate, Vanderbilt University, Urban Land Institute, International Conference of Shopping Centers, ADIT Brasil, the National Sand, Stone and Gravel Association and at countless Fortune 500 companies

Programs can be delivered via video, audio conference or on-site for groups from four to four hundred. Most requested program topics include:

  • Building Community Support: Identify, educate, motivate and activate supporters to build an effective grassroots movement to overcome NIMBY opposition and win approvals.
  • Dealing with Intractable Opposition: On critical must-win projects, what comes after the “Mutual Gains” approach?
  • Protecting Market Share: The limits of Competitive Engagement– How far can you go to fight a competing project?
  • The Politics of Land Use: Every land use fight is political and even good projects ignore local politics at their peril.
  • How to Smell a Rat: Is the opposition to your project being funded and organized by your competitors and what can you do about it?
  • New Technology and Techniques in Land Use Fights: Social media, digital tools and fast moving technology is increasing effectiveness, speed and efficiency of community out reach efforts while lowering costs.
  • Managing the Unmanageable: How do you track effectiveness and success and efficiently manage your consultants in a land use campaign?
  • Building and Maintaining Community Support: How do we leverage and maintain local support so it is still available and effective when you need them again?
  • Running with Scissors: How do you avoid self-inflicted mistakes during the permitting process- mistakes that cost you significant time and resources?

To learn more, arrange for a seminar or a no cost project consultation, contact us at