Saint Model Outcomes: making land use politics work in all markets

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If you accept that all planning is political, you can see how our focus on land use politics looks at how to generate community support and overcome the passionate opposition that can flare up over development. The Saint Report has published case studies from some of  the 1,500 major planning battles The Saint Consulting Group has fought since 1983.

The examples below cover most property sectors including wind energy, retail, theme parks, and urban redevelopment. They illustrate how the gathering of real-time intelligence – what we call political due diligence – and the creation of campaign strategies and tactics can mitigate objections, neutralize the opposition and rally community support.

Saint University, the academic and corporate training arm for The Saint Consulting Group, offers corporate training and professional development seminars drawn from a quarter century of winning land use battles in the US, Canada and UK.  For more information about The Saint Consulting Group, visit

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