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By Nick Keable
Vice President, UK Operations, The Saint Consulting Group

public_meetingsSo often developers find themselves drowned out at public hearings by opponents who object to wind farms blotting a landscape, trucks raising dust and traffic dangers and many other reasons why some people oppose development.

Take wind farms, for example. The Saint Index has established public support for renewable energy, yet developers can get locked into a sterile debate with their opponents and NIMBYs instead of reaching out and identifying wider support.  

Below is a link to case studies we have published on The Saint Report that show it is possible to unlock that latent support, rather than just try and combat the small scale opposition you face on each application.

People only support planning applications for three reasons: they either receive direct benefits, indirect benefits or because they are ideological fellow travellers.  This third group is where all the support for wind farm applications comes.

So we identify supporters, organise them and then point them at their local politicians.  This balances the debate and makes politicians vote sensibly, rather than appease a small band of protestors.

Check out our case studies. We call them Saint Model Outcomes, and let us know what you think.

Nick Keable is vice president, UK Operations, for The Saint Consulting Group, email, phone +44 207 592 7050

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