Saint Index – Tea Party Movement Will Influence Development Battles

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The new Saint Index nationwide survey takes the first-ever look at the potential influence of the Tea Party movement when it comes to real estate development and attitudes about how local government handles growth.

The Saint Index results show Tea Party members are 33 percent more likely than the national average to get involved in actively supporting or opposing a land use development proposal. They are also 10 percent more likely to believe local government is doing a poor job on planning and zoning.

One in five of the 1,000 adults interviewed nationwide identified themselves as members of the Tea Party.

Tea Party members are very opposed to using taxpayer funds on large land use projects, particularly sports stadiums, the survey found, and they strongly oppose increased taxpayer funding for highway, bridge and road projects.

The Saint Index is conducted annually by The Saint Consulting Group to track and quantify the politics of land use, including who actively opposes and supports real estate projects and why.

For the full press release, click on SAINT INDEX TEA PARTY PRESS RELEASE .

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