Saint Index 2015: The Most Opposed Land Uses

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By Patrick Fox, President, The Saint Consulting Group

Landfills, Casinos and Power Plants lead the Saint Index most opposed land uses for 2015. 

Saint Index 2015 Opposition[1]

With 82% opposition to a landfill proposed in “your community”, developers need to take a hard look at the political landscape before moving forward to gain approvals.  You cannot count on being able to identify supporters and getting them to participate in hearings or actively support your project.  The supporters simply are not there.

Developers of projects at the high opposition end of the Saint Index such as landfills, casinos (74% opposition), power plants (66% opposition)and quarries (60% opposition) all need to identify important activists, existing community groups and key local issues to leverage support for their projects.  This will be different in every community but a political due diligence process should identify these groups and point the developer in the right direction.

In one community it may be the little league parents who are active, cohesive and influential. In another, it may be the historical society.  The Mayor or a city councilor may have a pet project that people have rallied behind.  By working with these groups and aligning their interests with yours, you can leverage their support for your project and demonstrate that you and your project will be a good neighbor and asset to the community.

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