Saint Consulting Group Announces New Strategic Practice

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Saint Strategies Delivers Comprehensive, Long-Range Solutions

The Saint Consulting Group announces establishment of a new practice specializing in custom-designed strategic programs focused on helping large corporate clients grow and protect market share.

“Over the past thirty years we have seen a distinct change in the nature of our client engagements.  Rather than simply being retained to win individual land use fights, we are increasingly asked by our largest corporate clients to develop comprehensive strategies to protect or expand market share across multiple key markets. These customized programs often involve corporate training, development of market monitoring systems, communications and social networking strategies, rapid response systems and development of comprehensive ground campaigns,” said P. Michael Saint, CEO and founder of The Saint Consulting Group.

Saint Strategies leverages the unparalleled experience and depth of knowledge of top-level Saint staff to design comprehensive land use strategies for corporate clients.

To succeed in today’s economic environment and remain competitive, companies must think long-term and look at the whole game board, rather than dart from tactical fight to tactical fight. That is where the Saint Strategies consulting practice brings value to some of the world’s largest companies.

“Whether it’s designing a comprehensive competitive intelligence and market share protection program, custom-crafting fixed-budget modular permitting campaigns, or advising a C-level team on how to approach the political difficulties associated with entering a foreign market, Saint Strategies has the depth, the experience, and the adaptability to help its clients succeed,” said Saint Consulting President Patrick Fox.

Saint Strategies provides expertise across a wide range of industry sectors, including:

  • Aggregates & Quarries
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Energy
  • Entertainment & Gaming
  • Healthcare
  • Infrastructure & Transportation
  • Mining
  • Residential
  • Waste & Recycling

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