Renewing your Waste Contract is Just as Vital as Winning it

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By Jesse McKnight, The Saint Consulting Group

Imagine you own a landfill company with several key municipal contracts coming up for bid in the next year or so. What do you need to do to keep this business and ensure that those contracts get renewed? Has your company been a good corporate neighbor, or have complaints piled up with the rubbish to haunt your contract renewal efforts?

The answer is not as simple as sending a note to the municipality requesting an RFP to pursue contract renewal. You need a long-term plan to identify political weaknesses in communities you currently serve and develop strategies to build support in other key market communities as well.

Let us assume that all planning is political. A political campaign approach helps to identify what needs to be done to win a landfill contract in the first place. Once the contract is won, however, you next must win and maintain community support for daily operations. Ultimately, you also need a strategy on how to retain key waste disposal contracts and build new business.

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Jesse McKnight is executive vice president for The Saint Consulting Group, email

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