R&D investment that sparked famous Kelo land-taking now to close

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kelo_cartoonPfizer will close the research and development facility it built in New London that was cited in the celebrated Kelo v City of New London case as a catalyst for the US Supreme Court to uphold the taking of Susette Kelo’s home by eminent domain in the name of economic development.

The pharmaceutical firm built a $300 million research and development facility adjacent to the city’s Fort Turnbull area, a move seen as a major factor in the redevelopment plans that led to the controversial taking of the Kelo home.

A firestorm of anti-Kelo state legislation ensued across America, and bloggers suggest this latest twist in the saga will make it even more difficult for economic development takings as a political issue. The Saint Report posted articles on the Kelo house in August 2008 and Ilya Somin’s review of political ignorance and post-Kelo eminent domain reform in January 2008.

Thanks to the Land Use Prof Blog and Matt Festa for pulling these issues together. See also Blog Critics for Kelo Folly Ends in Irony.

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