Proof Point That All Politics is Local: Elected Assessors Play Politics Too!

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By Jay Vincent, Senior Vice President for Business Development

The Saint Consulting Group

File this one under the all politics is local file.  Harvard Business Review published an interesting Daily Stat today.  HBR shares that, “In an apparent concession to political pressure, elected tax assessors value property at lower levels than appointed assessors”.  This is all according to Justin M. Ross, who is in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University.

I think this is interesting because it is more or less a proof point that politics influences everything as it relates to government permits or permissions.  It further buttresses the point that all politics is local and shows the propensity of elected officials to side with their perception of what will help them win the next time around.

So, if even the elected assessor is playing politics with property values, then what will the county board or the city council do if they view your project as opposed by a majority of their constituents?  The answer to that question is probably deny it if they are interested in securing their next term.  But, if you want to chat about it….drop me a line at

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