Oil & Gas Financial Journal: Saint on Land Use Politics and Pipelines

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The Oil & Gas Financial Journal has published a feature by Travis Sexton of Saint Consulting on politics and the oil industry: how to build community support for pipelines and hydraulic fracturing.

The 2,000-word feature, in the journal’s 10th anniversary edition, includes discussion of the advocacy pyramid, Saint Consulting’s approach to building vocal advocacy in the community for developers facing strong opposition or environmental objections. It also explores the campaign approach to identify, educate, harness and mobilize grass roots support to create a counter voice to the opposition and level the playing field in controversial projects like pipelines or fracking.

The prominent coverage of widespread opposition to hydraulic fracturing projects from Ohio to California has taken a new turn recently as opponents who cannot stop the fracking now try to impose local bans on pipelines to prevent transport of natural gas liquids from shale sites to midstream or downstream destinations, writes Travis, who is division vice president, West Coast, for The Saint Consulting Group.

Companies that thought they had achieved some measure of control at drilling sites find now more than ever they have to think through strategically the political risks at all stages – from soup to nuts – that arise from extracting energy, refining or processing it, and taking it to market. Despite the growth in our home-grown energy industry and its positive economic impact, political risks for pipelines and fracking have also grown. More sophisticated opponents in land-use politics require an organizing approach for building community support for this industry.

Click here for the Oil & Gas Financial Journal story. For more information on Saint’s approach to pipelines and fracking, email sexton@tscg.biz