Politicization skews planning process against development – Saint Index

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87% of Americans say a candidate’s position on local development issues is important when they choose for whom they will cast their votes.

Years ago, elected officials wanted to make an impact and be able to point to new commercial development from their term in office.  They wanted to show their constituents that they brought home the jobs and tax dollars associated with the new mall, grocery store, power plant or other large scale project.  Times have changed.

Today, the savvy and ambitious elected official knows that the passion, energy and commitment that will propel him to the next office or send him looking for other less prestigious employment is with the opponents to development.  Supporters of a new retail establishment are unlikely to give up a Tuesday night for a public hearing.  They are not that committed.  Sure they will shop there, but they do not have a real passion or commitment to make their voices heard at city hall to make sure it get approved.

The opponents, people who are worried about how this project will lower their property values, how it will impact the character of their community or how the additional traffic will lengthen their commute  are going to pack the hearing room and voice their fears and opposition.

The entire process is now skewed against development.

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