Planning glossary from Planetizen – for GOOMBAs, NOPErs and doczilla addicts

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ric-stephensIt may be four years old, but this Planetizen feature on the wacky world of plannerese still provides a useful glossary of terms that go well beyond NIMBY — such as doczilla, GOOMBA and NOPE.

Thanks to Ric Stephens and Planetizen for this delectable feast of plannerese jargon that has not gone stale since it first ran on July 26, 2005 but grows richer with each contested development. The Saint Report welcomes your additions.

Ric Stephens is Principal of Stephens Planning and Design in Beaverton, Oregon. He also serves on the City Planning Commission in Beaverton. In his “free time,” Stephens serves as Editor of Interplan, the newsletter of the APA’s International Division — and is the instructor for the online planning commission training course run by PLANetizen in collaboration with the Planning Commissioners Journal. Ric has edited two books: the International Planning Organizations directory and the Plannerese Dictionary available from

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