Planning Commissioners Journal helps with smart growth, planning law, tools

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By Patrick Fox
President, The Saint Consulting Group

pcj The Planning Commissioners Journal began publishing 17 years ago with a goal of educating local planning staff and members of planning and zoning boards. Their publications are focused not on those with planning degrees but on citizens who through election or appointment are integral decision makers on local development issues in the United States.

Comprehensive plans, traffic, smart growth, historic preservation, planning law and every other subject of relevance to planners are addressed in their quarterly publications but we have found great value in their “Taking a Closer Look” reprint collections that bundle past stories on key topics such as Smart Growth, Planning Law Primer, Basic Planning Tools and many others.

The Journal continues to be a great resource for us as a training tool and as way to stay current on issues important in planning and land use politics.

You can find them on-line here:

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